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A shout out to all my favorite apps, tools, services, games and more.

Bvckup Logo



Making backups are boring. Luckily, Bvckup allows you to sync and clone folders with different intervals, from monthly, weekly, daily, hourly to even in real-time. I use it to backup my Lightroom catalog and Obsidian base.

Day-0 Logo



Day-0 brings in a simple calendar whenever you clicked on the time on menu bar. It saves a little bit more space to display date as well.

Divvy Logo



There are a lot of fun & creative window management apps on macOS, Divvy is my favorite. It's intuitive and customizable, you don't need to memorize different shortcuts for each window position.

Firefox Logo


Multi-account container add-on from Firefox is really handful and you don't need to create multiple Google user accounts anymore to log in different web accounts. Firefox is also privacy-focused and did I mention it's a non-profit as well?

Good Sudoku Logo

Good Sudoku


I played Sudoku when I was young but I never reached the difficult level with lots of blanks. Good Sudoku introduces techniques to solve difficult puzzles while keeping the process intuitive & pleasant. Created by famous game developer Zach Gage.

Letterboxd Logo


10+ years of my film logs has been migrated from a spreadsheet into Letterboxd. Editorial picks & community reviews and watchlists are hidden gems.



If you are tired of the popcorn films on Netflix, MUBI provides a handful of critically acclaimed indie films on demand. The catalog has 30 films only but refreshes daily.

Netflix Logo


Netflix is a no-brainer for this list but an alarming issue is its content strategy - Report has shown most Netflix originals cancelled within 3 seasons as further production will not bring in new subscriber. That's very bad news.

Obsidian Logo


I have struggled about switching to a new notes app for years, but I went building my new personal + design knowledge base with Obsidian. Community support with plugin & themes, together with $0 price tag is a good reason to try it out.

Signal Logo


Another Instant Messaging alternative, created by the co-founder of Whatsapp Brian Acton.

Telegram Logo


In many ways, Telegram is better than Whatsapp. It got more user-friendly features, cross-platform support, data will not handover to Facebook. The only thing I wish is it can turn on end-to-end encryption by default.

Todoist Logo


I used Todoist for 5 years on/off. But I have been fully committed to Todoist in the past 2 years, setting up all the recurring tasks, inbox workflow are really helpful in organizing my own personal life.

Unsplash Wallpaper Logo

Unsplash Wallpaper


Official wallpaper app from popular free image source Unsplash. It's just super easy to config according to your liking and preferences.