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I realise I dont need a read-it-later service. You should too.

And here's a month passed in 2019. 11 more to go. By this time, your new year resolutions probably are either a failure or a good start. While I was refining my Todoist workflow, I have realised I don’t need a read-it-later service. The idea is to replace read-it-later app by your todo app and note app. How it work Eliminating a read-it-later app is one step closer declutter your digital life. One less app in your phone and Chome extension / bookmark, as it could be replaced perfectly. I use…

Feb 17, 2019

Practical Evernote Tips

TLDR: Practical Evernote tips that help you to build your own knowledge base and get things done (GTD) I have been a long-time user of Evernote but I have only been subscribed to their paid plans until recently, which is why I totally understand the challenges that Evernote is facing. Not only there has been a recent shakedown in Evernote's management team, but I also worry about the platform's future. Serious competitors like Bear and Notion took on new approaches to the note-taking field…

Oct 29, 2018

Do Subscription Models Work with Apps?

Thoughts on Setapp — subscription-based collection for Mac apps Mac apps are great. They are beautifully designed, crafted with a bunch of handy features, and they have won over the hearts of their users, willing to pay for every update. Mac App Store was launched in 2011, it was Apple’s attempt to replicate the success of iOS App Store. However, I would hardly call Mac App Store a success today. Walls of the App Store Despite a cheque with a lot of zeroes are written on the slide of Apple’s…

Jul 20, 2018