Let's call it iOS Pro

May 29, 2018 · posted in Ctrl Alt Setup · 2 min read

Let's call it iOS Pro

Summary of next iteration of iOS rumors for iPad

9to5Mac reported a few days ago that Apple’s next big thing could be an ARM-based touchscreen hybrid with LTE connection. Another rumor is a low-cost iPhone that looks like iPhone X, but I suppose no one would find it interesting. We always imagine Apple will release Macbook with touchscreen & LTE or iPad Pro that come with MacOS. What about the idea of Apple is working on the next-generation personal device with a new OS. This whole idea gives me chills.

Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, and wearables basically define the spectrum of personal digital device nowadays. The most blurred line lies between laptop and tablet. iPad earned its place to be the new device between laptop and mobile since 2010, but it hasn’t become the laptop killer as initial reviews wrote. Could this codenamed “Star” project is the future of iPad Pro? Getting the cheaper entry-level iPad is a reasonable choice now since both models are so much similar, in terms of design, software and not-so-significant hardware. (Faster chip, true-tone display, and Smart Connector). It is especially case considering the new iPad released in March gained the support of Apple Pencil. But what if their software are different?

Rumors of Apple’s plan to integrate iOS and MacOS never stops, especially right before Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple has been sharing the same OS on mobile devices & tablet since the initial launch of iPhone and iPad. But there are actually a lot of compromises, sacrificing pro features and customization for simplicity. Giving iPad Pro a derivative iOS, separating from mobile and consumer tablets, potentially open up a new world for pro user, How about calling it “iOS Pro”? It does sound appealing to me, assuming they get software giants onboard (Eyes on you, Microsoft Office and Adobe CC), do file management right and support cross-platform & device integration.

It would also heavily rely on the support from the developer community, believing in Apple they could create the future of personal device together. WWDC is coming next week, chances are small that they would announce anything related to the rumor. As a fan, not of Apple but of technology, aside from new update on iOS, MacOS, WatchOS, and TvOS (nearly forgot), what thrills me and also my best hope would be a sneak preview of Apple’s vision to the future.