Hey there ✌🏻

My name is Samuel.

I love to solve problems with design.

About Me

I'm currently working at Playa, a web / app agency that I've co-founded in Hong Kong, crafting projects like Water For Free and Hyperair.

Before that, I was the cross-content intern at iTunes & App Store.

I help with:

UI Design

Product Development

I also help with:

Brand Design

Photography & Video Production

Selected Work

Hyperair Travel

All-rounded Travel Service

UI/UX Design | 2018 August

HyperAir Incorporation is a start-up in Hong Kong specialising in all-rounded travel service. I have worked on their debut app focusing on currency exchange.

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Water For Free

Hong Kong Water Dispenser Map

UI/UX Design | 2017 July

Water for Free is a mobile app that shows over 1600 locations of water dispensers in Hong Kong and Macau. It is an effort to reduce the vast amounts single-use beverage containers entering our landfills and oceans everyday.

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Fair Training Center

Non-profit training center that offer training opportunities

Brand Design | 2016 May

Fair Training Center is a non-profit, social business in the Philippines that prepares migrant women for life overseas as a domestic worker.

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