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Samuel Wong

Full-stack UI/UX designer crafting websites &
mobile applications with bespoke experience.


Interaction and Experience Design

Extensive experience delivering products in corporations and start-ups

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HSBC @ Protiviti

Enhancing Stock Trading Experience

Building professional stock trading and analysis interface on browser

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Stock Trading Browser


Notes on Design & Technology

I write about design, technology and productivity.

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Design Talks 2022

Design Talks 2022

Sharing my bookmarked design talks for 2022

2021 and more...

2021 and more...

My summary and reflection on 2021

Navigating Design Career with Design OKRs

Navigating Design Career with Design OKRs

Goal setting framework to progress your UX career

Reflecting on 2020

Reflecting on 2020

My summary and reflection on 2020


Tools & Resources

Best resources and tools I have been using. Guide on getting started in design & code.

My Awesome Setup

UX Design Career Kit
What I Use
Design OKR
Apps & Services
Seville's Architecture
Inspired by New York
Manhattan in Winter
The Blue Pearl Chefchaouen


Through the lens

Sets of photos according to cities that I have visited.

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Into The Sahara
Modernist Belem
Spectacular Sydney