My name is Samuel Wong
I like to design and write.

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I'm a Product Designer.

I lead design at HyperAir, a travel startup based in Hong Kong.

Before that, I worked as Cross-Content Intern at iTunes & App Store, Apple.

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I realise I dont need a read-it-later service. You should too.

And here's a month passed in 2019. 11 more to go. By this time, your new year resolutions probably are either a failure or a good start. While I was refining my Todoist workflow, I have realised I…

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Feature Wishlist for My Favorites Apps in 2018

I'm starting a new tradition this year by writing a feature wishlist to apps and services that I use regularly. Instead of tweeting complaints, why not make it a constructive suggestion so developers…

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Lessons learned from personal project

Getting Started. There is no better time to start your personal project than today. I have been living in the bubble of agency model for years taking client projects. There were regrets and…

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