Hey there ✌🏻

My name is Samuel.

I love to solve problems with design.

I'm currently working at Playa, a web / app agency that I've co-founded in Hong Kong, crafting projects like Water For Free and Hyperair.

Before that, I was the cross-content intern at iTunes & App Store, Apple.

Selected Work

Hyperair Travel

All-rounded Travel Service

UI/UX Design | 2018 August

HyperAir Incorporation is a start-up in Hong Kong specialising in all-rounded travel service. I have worked on their debut app focusing on currency exchange.

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Water For Free

Hong Kong Water Dispenser Map

UI/UX Design | 2017 July

Water for Free is a mobile app that shows over 1600 locations of water dispensers in Hong Kong and Macau. It is an effort to reduce the vast amounts single-use beverage containers entering our landfills and oceans everyday.

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Fair Training Center

Non-profit training center that offer training opportunities

Brand Design | 2016 May

Fair Training Center is a non-profit, social business in the Philippines that prepares migrant women for life overseas as a domestic worker.

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Lastest Blog

Lessons from IKEA

My journey to Scandinavia continued in Älmhult, Sweden (2 hours of train ride from Copenhagen), after the Design Matters conference. It was the home of the biggest furniture retailer in the world - IKEA. The town as the headquarter of IKEA, offers a museum and also a hotel, just for the visitors…