Hi👋 My name is

Samuel Wong

I design stuff.

I'm a product designer currently based in Hong Kong. I deliver web / app projects in Playa, a web / app agency that I've co-founded.

Before that, I worked as Cross-Content Intern at iTunes & App Store, Apple during college.

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Web Design

From conception to production, I’m experienced in executing design for digital service website and web app.

UI/UX Design

I also work on mobile app project, crafting low-fi wireframes, interactive prototypes and production-ready assets.

Brand Design

I help new brands launching their distinct and compelling key visual idendities to kickstart their start-up journey.

A little bit about myself...

Hello! I’m a UI/UX designer who visions design as a mean to cross the barriers between sectors, by making technology more accessible. I craft wireframes and prototypes and execute stunning visuals and user interfaces.

I started my agency Playa in 2015, hoping to help small entrepreneurs and non-profits launching their projects, bridging the gap between project owners and end-users. I am constantly learning and treasure every opportunity to design better. I’m learning to code right now and this website is my first attempt.

Hong Kong

I write about design, technology and productivity.

"Bad design is smoke while good design is a mirror."

Juan-Carlos Fernandez

Lessons learned from my personal project

Getting Started. There is no better time to start your personal project than today. I have been living in the bubble of agency model for years taking client projects. There were regrets and compromises accommodating with clients’ need and reality. I have always wondered the decision that I would…