[Solution] Canon batteries LP-E6 cannot charge

Jun 08, 2019 · posted in Photography · 2 min read

[Solution] Canon batteries LP-E6 cannot charge

Solution to battery charge failure of Canon 6D batteries - LPE6

One of the reasons why I’m still using DSLR instead of switching to mirrorless, is because the unit is durable. Take my 6 years old Canon 6D as an example, it’s weather sealed, batteries last for days (photography only), buttons and dials are still usable (less tactile though).

But recently I have experienced issues with my Canon 6D batteries, LP-E6, most of them wouldn’t charge even I have plugged in for days. For a while I almost believed it’s either battery failure or my charger wouldn’t work, but I have found solutions from Canon official website. It even works for OEM batteries.


Battery charger is blinking at full speed after the battery is plugged in. Normally it would slowly blink or blink few times in a roll depending on your battery level. Constant flickering according to Canon's Manual, it means connection error, so it is possible the battery is not charging at all, which is not ideal when travel, realising your battery was not charged overnight.


As official Canon suggest, this maybe the result of battery not charging for a long time, which is exactly my case. All you need to do is:

  1. Plug in the battery and wait for the constant blink
  2. Take out the battery for 10 seconds
  3. Plug the battery in again

It would somehow restart or successfully recharge itself! That’s it. Canon mentioned this as an additional notice from their website, you can read more at Canon.

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