Best of 2022

Jan 08, 2023 · posted in Design Journal · 4 min read

Best of 2022

Finally settling down for year review. Here're my best apps, products and films in 2022!


Arc Browser by Browser Company

Switching to Arc from Firefox in 2022 is the most delightful experience I've onboard. It has done a lot of rights as a new browser. Challenged existing browsers' mental modal with Profiles & Spaces. While Profiles handle our online identity (who are we browsing as), Spaces take care of our use case (what websites are we browsing together). It was steep learning curve that I took me awhile to understand and get used to. Aside from usability, it still lacks core features (e.g. cross-platform support, multi-device sync) in order to convert more early adopters to become a daily driver..

Readwise Reader by Readwise

Fell in love right after launching and I have reactivated my trial. Readwise Reader’s keyboard shortcuts are top-notched. Able to read RSS and eBooks is great strategy that justify its pricing & pushes away from the read-it-later category. (Especially Apple Books is suck now after new iOS update). But still looking forward how it integrate with the Readwise and how it preach their philosophy of using, the old Readwise app design and features in comparison is embarrassing now.


Switched to Ray-cast from Alfred. Raycast is so feature-packed, versatile, and open. App categories I could replace: Stickies, Pasteboard Management, Windows Management). Follow this 24-day thread to learn all about Raycast. Did I mention they also made a wonderful yearly recap this year! (Type Raycase Unwrap 2022)

Recap of Raycast 2022


2022 is a breakthrough year for Notion. Not only did they ship tons of quality-of-life features, that make the product easier to use, but they also acquired services I've been using, including Cron (iOS app has just released) and and (which has shut down). Looking forward how the company plans for 2023. Core problem that I've experienced, is I tend to spent time architecting the system instead of using the system and it is still lack of a universal calendar, task and tagging system.

Input Source Pro

As a multilingual person, I switch input method on my mac dozen to hundred times a day. Any productivity enhancement would increase my productivity drastically. Aside from changing the default shortcut from Cmd + Space to Caps lock, I also bind default input method per app, which is super useful as I only type Chinese in particular apps only, but it always a hassle to switch input method back and forth


Airpod 3

Airpod have been a game changing experience for me in daily use. Blutooth connection is instant and multi-device handling is so integrate. It actively aware of my usage to determine whether I need to connect with the headphone. I'm confident to say I'm not using other headphone brands as long as I'm sticking with Apple devices.

Sensibo Pro

My smart home stack has added AC control this year. Sensibo Pro provides a foolproof solution for urban apartment which does not have integrated thermostat. It simply replace AC remote control to send out inferred signals. Pairing is easy, it works with any AC that has a remote control. Simply face the sensor to the remote and click Power button, it will automatically match with the right command. After integrating to smart home platform, remote turn on or even time / temperature triggered power on and off is very simple.

Mission Battery Base

After setting up my first Homepod Mini, it’s so limiting when you cannot carry it around with you (like to the kitchen or balcony), purchasing one for each room is a stupid and expensive plan. Mission Battery Base offers a elegant mobile solution, battery last up to 1 day (especially it runs as the home hub).


Best of 2022 Stats on Letterboxd

This year I have watched 53 films in total. My stat for 2022 can be viewed on Letterboxd.

My top 10 films I have first watched in 2022:

  1. Everything, Everywhere All at Once (2022), Directed by Daniel Scheinert, Daniel Kwan
  2. Utama (2022), Directed by Alejandro Loayza Grisi
  3. Coco (2017), Directed by Lee Unkrich
  4. Batman (2022), Directed by Matt Reeves
  5. Decision to Leave (2022), Directed by Park Chan-wook
  6. The Good Boss (2021), Directed by Fernando León de Aranoa
  7. The Sparring Partner 正義迴廊 (2022), Directed by Ho Cheuk-tin
  8. Athena (2022), Directed by Romain Gavras
  9. Drive My Car (2022), Directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi
  10. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022), Directed by Rian Johnson
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