Feature Wishlist for My Favorites Apps in 2018

Jan 15, 2019 · posted in App Talk · 4 min read

Feature Wishlist for My Favorites Apps in 2018

I'm starting a new tradition this year by writing a feature wishlist to apps and services that I use regularly. Instead of tweeting complaints, why not make it a constructive suggestion so developers can take it seriously? Here's a list of suggestions I wrote:

1. Splitwise

It is not easy to get your friends onboard to an app. What's great about Splitwise is all splitted bills can be recorded on one side. (Invitation will be sent automatically once expense has marked) It is very useful when you share a flat. But I found it extremely useful when a group of friends traveling together. Splitwise supports international currency (for record purpose but not amount conversion) and updated recently on unequal amount expense. But if I can record each expense's payment method, it would be perfect. Right now, It's a bit stupid for me to write "Credit Card" behind each expense's name, so I can reference when I crosscheck with credit card statement.

2. Kayak

Another travel use case that's desperately need an upgrade is Kayak. Kayak currently works exceptionally collecting all my bookings from my Gmail inbox, they even created a new dashboard to review all my travels. (I know there's privacy concern, but automatically compiling a trip plan is freaking cool) It is very close to become my go-to travel app, all I need is to support sightsee planning. The itienary app is all around booking right now, although custom booking can be added. Wouldn't it just be great to add sightsee / point of interest so to speak ? It would be even better if public transport routes can be included. On iOS, Kayak has also supported Siri Shortcuts, asking for your itinerary would laid out all your today plans immediately.

3. Whatsapp

Probably this is the most popular request for WhatsApp, but it really has to deal with multiple accounts in 2019. With e-SIM support on new generation of iPhones, constraining each phone for one WhatsApp account is totally out of sync from 2019. Facebook and Instagram both support multiple accounts ,why not WhatsApp? Current workaround is a separate phone connecting to the Wifi snd a third-party app pretend to be a desktop and browse messages via WhatsApp Web mode. That's the most unpleasant experience to dealwith multiple accounts .

4. Pixel Camera

Google Pixel comes with a powerful camera app that surpass every Android manufacturer. With features like Xx HDR and Night Sight. It’s by far the best Camera app you can get. There’s even a site dedicated for other Android users to use Google’s camera app. However, back to basics, I still find the app largish with slow respond time. Taking the first shot might take second spot to load up after pressing shutter button. The point of capturing life moment instantly as Google advertised, might be false. My camera roll is fill with shots taken in delay with empty streets or my pants pocket. You can imagine how slow it was.

5. Figma

Being a product designer, playing around Figma to test and implement new ideas was my default duty. There is a lot hidden gems there are hidden everywhere. Like Rename and Layout . 2018 is a big year for Figma but there's still a lot to work on. Personally I look forward to use Figma on mobile or tablet devices as Figma is a web-based applications. (It's exclusively work on Chrome OS right now, so we know it's possible)

It would be much more powerful if the platform support more complex file structure, this is also related to frame management, as well as structuring all components. There's no definite answer how to setup a design system for a team of designers, to deal with design in different sprints and version control. It takes time for me to set up a workflow to support continuous development (Ideation, Development, Review, Archive).


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