How Might We - Life Update

Aug 11, 2022 · posted in Newsletter · 2 min read

How Might We - Life Update

Hello friends,

So here it goes, I started a new role as a product designer this month in a crypto company. Before starting a new role, I’m so grateful that I am able to take some time off, spent with family and friends. 

Never underestimate the power of a break, it helps you to reset, reflect and avoid career burnout in longer run. Having a break between 2 jobs are the best because the old company does not require your attentions anymore while you have not started in the new one, It’s just perfect for me. Therefore my takeaway is always negotiate your onboarding date, if the company really wants you to join, probably they can wait.

On the community side of things, July is freaking busy! Shortly after FoF Summer Party, UX Pear (another local UX community) also organised a in person event. This month I also hosted Designspiration, topic is the mighty Portfolio and Personal Website! There’s also a new experiment called “Side Project Saturday”, where we got to tour Goodnotes office (call out to the espresso machines on the right!) and work on our side project.  Best, Samuel

Thoughts and ideas

This month I published one new blog article about the design talks that I really enjoy watching over the past few months!

Design Talks 2022 Sharing my bookmarked design talks for 2022

Resources hunted

Prison Gothic Support this new Hong Kong typeface crowdfunding project! Prison Gothic is a digitalised and extended font according to handcrafted road sign typeface by prisoners starting in 1970s in Hong Kong. USD$121

Dela Gothic One Dela Gothic One is a Japanese typeface that has very complete Chinese character set. Best of all it’s available on Google Fonts, meaning you can use it on Figma and anywhere as well for free in any usage.

Fontshare Fontshare is a free font sharing platform that is 100% free for personal and commercial use.

Propstar Propstar is super helpful when designing components to accommodate all possible options for variations and component properties.


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