How Might We - Summer Blues

Sep 28, 2022 · posted in Newsletter · 2 min read

How Might We - Summer Blues

Hi Friends,

Thank you for those who joined “Do You Know Design Systems” early this month. It’s been a privilege to organise and host in-person event for the community. The night was enlightening covering all about design system. I have also added the deck as a resource below if you missed the event.

This month the biggest news in the design community probably was Adobe will be acquiring Figma. Even though everyone worried about Figma’s future, and Figma claimed to be autonomous and there’s isn’t a roadmap to integrate with Creative Cloud. But only time will tell if this acquisition is a good thing or not.


Thoughts and ideas

Do You Know Design Systems Slides from “Do You Know Design Systems - AMA with HK Design System Experts”, organised by Friends of Figma, Hong Kong

Resources hunted

Supa Gradient Supa Gradient plugin allows you to create and manage gradients

Themer Themer allows you to create and switch themes from your published style library. Applying to color, shadow and text styles.

Benchmarking Your Design System Free e-book by Invision to help you to evaluate and evolve your design system

Design System Structure Guides Design system structure guide help you to pick the right file hierarchy according to your figma plan! Analyzed the complexity, pros and cons for each options too! Super useful


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