How Might We

Feb 28, 2022 · posted in Newsletter · 2 min read

How Might We

Hello JUXT friends,

Welcome to the first issue of How Might We! Here I will be sharing more behind the scene & reflection while working on JUXT Design.

Learn, Share & Advocate

First month of 2022, I have been busy learning and working on JUXT Design’s new website. I finished a NextJS course last month, which has finally encouraged me to experiment it with one of my website. It’s way faster, less opinionated yet more development effort for hobbyist like me.

I have also made new plans for JUXT Design this year, new content are being created! Notice the new domain? The website was also rewritten from scratch using the latest tech stack! I’m also switching to Revue for newsletter service. I’ll be sharing monthly on my recent work Looking forward to share them with you,

Best, Samuel

Articles Written

Why should you create a website Have you been relying on social media to promote your content? How did you cope with the uprising of new platforms?

Design Better Search Box and Make Search Journey More User Friendly? Recently, I worked on a concept design for a Electric Vehicle Charging Map App. Here’s a recap of my thinking process

Create Sparkline Charts Without Any Code Using Sparks Sparkline is a tiny chart to visualise trends of a series of data values. After The Flood created Sparks font to generate sparkline chart using a line of text

Resources Hunted

Track Awesome Design Systems (klaufel/awesome-design-systems) Updates Daily | Track Awesome List A curated list of bookmarks, resources and articles about design systems focused on developers.

Fluid Space Calculator Fluid responsive design

Staff Design Tips and resources to help product designers level up.


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