Mar 31, 2022 · posted in Newsletter · 2 min read

How Might We - Building Design Community in Hong Kong

Hello JUXT friends,

It’s the end of the Q1 of 2022. Hope you have reserve some time to reflect on your progress so far. I treasure my blocked hour that I will spend on writing my own reflection. This month, I have joined Friends of Figma, Hong Kong as one of the community moderator, we organized our first kick-off event this month and it’s so great to meet new friends and contribute to the design community.

Between blog, digital garden and my resources bookmarks, I found it took quite a lot of time to maintain all 3 content pillars while keeping up with social media at the same time. Just wondering, how do you balance content and promotion when building a personal brand?

Best, Samuel

Thoughts and Ideas

I started a new collection called “Made in Hong Kong” this month, hoping to highlight some UX and design resources that are made in Hong Kong. Like my own Figma template “Keystroke”! Let me know if you know any resources!

Best Made in Hong Kong Design Resources in 2022 One stop guide and resources for product design, UI/UX design.

Resources hunted

Apple Accessibility Redesigned Accessibility page by Apple. Discover accessibility features and how to design better UX with accessibility in mind.

Kumincho by Kowloon Type Traditional Chinese serif font created by Kowloon Type is released after crowd-funded over $700k USD in Taiwan & Hong Kong in 2021. USD$320.

Photo Booth A FigJam plugin that let collaborators / participants to take a photo from a skeuomorphic Polariod. Great for ice-breaking session.

Font Fashion Week International type design online events organised by I Love Typography