How Might We - Gatsby Starter Obsidian Garden

Feb 28, 2022 · posted in Newsletter · 2 min read

How Might We - Gatsby Starter Obsidian Garden

Hello JUXT friends,

It’s a short month in February but it was quite productive for me. This month, I moved to explore the world of Tailwind CSS. Utility-first approach of Tailwind is quite interesting after trying out different styling solutions. I had also applied my learning immediately to my latest project.

I had the idea last year to convert part of the website into digital garden and I finally did it! There’s a sidebar in the Guides with a list of my quick note. Most of the code I re-used for a brand new starter in Gatsby, so every Obsidian user can publish their own Obsidian library as a website.

LAUNCHING: Gatsby Starter Obsidian Garden

Obsidian currently offers Publish services ($20/month) with advance features. This starter is a free alternative for Obsidian users who want to publish their digital garden as a website. Obsidian can also serve as an on-device CMS to manage your content. ➡️ Check It Out Best, Samuel

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Thoughts and Ideas

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Resources hunted

Roboto Serif New serif typeface under Google’s Roboto font family. It also includes a special variable font option to optimize display base on optical size axes.

Jitter Video Jitter is a Figma plug-in allows you to export your mockup and create micro-animation! Great for Dribbble shots or creating any promotion materials.

Figma Tokens Figma Tokens is a Figma plug-in allows you to generate, switch and apply theme through JSON.


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